WIE(VR) - Women in Engineering (Vancouver Region)

“Networking across workplaces, engineering fields and universities.”

*** 2014 ***

Presentation - Lauren Kulokas

Mar 7th 2014

“Entrepreneurship - Start-up Lessons Learned”

*** 2013 ***

Workshop - Narges Nirumvala

Sep 12th 2013

“Are You Ready for Your Moment in the Spotlight?”

Workshop - Njeri Watkins

Apr 4th 2013

“Social Media for the Independent Professional”

Workshop - Donna Denny

Jan 24th 2013

“Entreneurship and starting your own consulting business”

*** 2012 ***

Speaker Night - Judi Hess

Nov 29th 2012

“The Gender Gap in Engineering: How far have we come? Where do we go from here?”

Workshop - Doreen Antonick

Sept 13th 2012

“Get the Financial Plan that's Right for You”

Workshop - Billie Sinclair

May 24th 2012

“Money Skills Workshop: Financial Literacy”

*** 2011 ***

Workshop - Sheryl Stanton

November 17th 2011

“The 3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Business Professionals Make that Keep them Overstressed, Unhappy and Unhealthy”

Workshop - Lianna Mah

April 7th 2011

“Marketing and Sales to Advance your Career”

Workshop - Kimberly Law

February 24th 2011

“Dress Right for Business”

*** 2010 ***

Workshop - Lisa Martin

November 4th 2010

“How Smart Women Energize Their Career and Life”

Workshop - Helen Stepchuk

September 16th 2010

“10 Most Common Mistakes in Social Media”

Workshop - Margaret Malewski

May 6th 2010

“International Engineering Careers”

Workshop - Felicia Lee

March 18th 2010

“The 10 Deadly Sins of Career Advancement”

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*** 2009 ***

Speaker Night - Jenny Yang

November 26th 2009

“Business, entrepreneurship, and starting your own company”

Workshop - Carrie Gallant

October 22nd 2009

“Salary Negotiations Getting past the No”

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Creating Connections Conference '09

September 19-20 2009

“A weekend for Women Engineers in BC”

Speaker Night - Dr. Aimee Chan

May 28th 2009

“Engineer to CEO!”

Inspirational Speaker Night - Dr. Rabab K Ward

March 26th 2009

“Life, Career and Family: Challenges and Opportunities”

Anniversary Speaker Night - Tracy Theemes

January 15th 2009

“Women and Finances”

*** 2008 ***

MITACS Industry-Academic Networking Event

November 17th 2008

“An Evening of Engineering and Science in BC”

Back to School Games Night

September 18th 2008

“Before the real work begins chill for a bit and postpone the stress!”

Sizzlin Summmer BBQ at Trout lake

August 17th 2008

“Because it's summer”

Financial Speaker - Kelly Oglow

July 10th 2008

“Connecting your money with your values”

Games Night

June 26th 2008

“Challenge your peers”

Speaker Night - Catherine Roome

May 15th 2008

Speaker: Catherine Roome, P. Eng., COO BC Safety Authority, Recipient of the Influential Women in Business Award 2008.

Talk: Getting to the Top

Movie Night

April 24th 2008

Featuring Rosies of the North

The story of the first Canadian woman engineer and first woman aircraft designer!

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Games Night

February 28th 2008

“Playing the Game of Life”


January 10th 2008

“Setting goals for the new year”

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