WIE(VR) - Engineering Women Games Night

an event for engineering women of all levels in the profession – students, professionals, looking for work and foreign trained engineers

Come join the engineering women community for an evening of laughter and fun while we play games!

NEW - Help us create an engineering game
            Play the sample game, draft some rules, design the cards and board...

Engineering Women Games Night -
Febuary 28th 2008 @ UBC

Date: Feb. 28th, 2008
Time: 5-8pm
Place: UBC, CEME 2202 (faculty lounge)   
Directions:  UBC map, Google map
Cost: have fun!
engineeringwomen at gmail.com

Featuring: Career and Future Planning - Let's play the Game of Life
Refreshments such as coffee, tea and delicious treats will be provided.
Bring your own dinner if you like.  A microwave will be provided.

Seize this fantastic opportunity to network and have fun.

You are also invited to bring other games to share.  Please include a brief description of the game you are bringing in your RSVP email.

List of Games:

Brought to you by WIE(VR) and DAWEG, SFU Women in Engineering Group, Women in Engineering @ UBC, and BCS.

“Networking across workplaces, engineering fields and universities.”