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Money Skills Workshop: Financial Literacy

- an event for engineering women of all levels in the profession: students, professionals, looking for work and foreign trained engineers!

SCWIST, WIE(VR) and Family Services of Greater Vancouver are offering a workshop on Money Skills. This special workshop will cover topics on budgeting, building good credit history, and managing debt. This is a hands-on and practical workshop, and participant receives a 100-page booklet to guide them with become financially literate and skilled with money.

In this program participants will gain a better understanding of their personal finances, learn about available resources, and create a personal money plan. They will learn about:
Budgeting: Track your earning and spending and be in control of your money Banking: Choose the options that are right for you, reduce fees and save money Credit: Build and maintain a good credit history and deal with debt Consumerism: buy buy buy ! Examine the role of advertising in our spending choices and how to be in charge of your own spending

Join us on May 24th for this informative and engaging seminar on financial literacy.

Light snacks and refreshments will be served. Networking after the workshop.

Date: Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Time: 5:30-8:30pm

Place: B.C. Cancer Agency, 570 West 7th Avenue, GSC, B.C. Cancer Agency, at Ash (1 block west of Cambie) Vancouver, Boardroom–5th Floor Map

Cost: free

Registration: click here

Billie Sinclair

Billie Sinclair is a Financial Literacy Educator at Family Services of Greater Vancouver. She brings with her the combined experience of 20 years in the Financial Services industry, plus 10 years in Social Service work. She enjoys public speaking, and has facilitated workshops to hundreds of participants, with a focus on self-development and personal growth. The Money Skills workshop presents an important cornerstone for the development of a well-balanced career and personal life. Billie’s style is personable and engaging, and her sincerity for the success of her participants shines through in all of her classrooms.

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